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Made for Athletes by Athletes.
The Ultimate Chamois Ointment and Skin Protectant.


Finally, an ointment that really works and stops the cringing feeling of getting back in the saddle, taking another stroke or pounding the pavement for one more second. With Okole Stuff you can put all your focus back into your riding, racing and training whether it’s for one hour or 24 hours.

It is superior for more reasons than one.

First- it lasts longer than any other ointment!

Why? Being Paraffin and Lanolin based not water based like all the others, it stays above the skin where you need it.

Second- we have added Allantoin, Tea Tree Oil, & Aloe.

They help heal your skin and keep you riding longer, even if you have existing sores or chafing.

Try it once and you will never leave home without it again!

Fun Fact. Okole (oh koh lay). Hawaiian word for the gluteus maximus or butt.

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