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If you have an Okole Stuff story, share it with us!

“I love this stuff! I use it on long rides and even during cyclocross! It really works!”
-Ryan Trebon

“This is the best chamois ointment out there, I will use it at La Ruta!”
-Manny Prado

“Okole Stuff really works! It is the ticket for those 6 hour rides because unlike other products I have used it doesn’t wash off with sweat stream crossing and rain. Thanks again.”
-Jeremiah Bishop

“I was having a really bad time trying to ride 2 or more hours and then I got some Okole Stuff from Many Prado. Now I have no issues and I can ride again! Thanks for this great stuff!”
-Scott Tedro

“I put the Okole Stuff to it’s first test yesterday on a seven hour road ride that included a bit too much gravel and dirt road. I really struggled to climb Guardsman from the Park City side on my road bike with no triple or compact cranks. it was all loose dirt and washboard near the top, and I had to stay in the saddle to keep the rear wheel hooking up at all. Anyway, my legs were fried but my butt was no hamburger. Good product, and I’ll push it without reservation.”
-Chris Magerl

“I won a tub of your chamois stuff and love it. I’ll recommend it to all my biking friends–road and mountain. I am surprised at how much of a difference it makes on long rides.”
-Laura Goldfine

“I can give a great testimony for the Okole Stuff after this weekend. I was thinking during the race that there was no way this stuff is going to hold up with so much mud in my shorts and hopping on and off the bike, but it was amazing. Great stuff. Love it!”
-Doug Pierce

“I have four jars at the moment. I used it leading up to BCBR and then used it all seven days of the race. I’ll also be using it at 24hr Worlds Solo in just over two weeks. If I go for a training ride that’s two hours or more I go looking for a jar. Great product.”
-Shaun Taylor

“Okole Stuff has been amazing for me! A funny story: I recently went out to ride Palomar Mountain (up both the South and East Grades). We made the trip all the way from Chula Vista, and when we showed up, I realized I had no socks. I never ride without socks and was very nervous that I would tear my feet up if I did. I realized I had Okole Stuff in my bag so I slathered it all over my feet. After 50 miles and 6500’+ of climbing, I finished the ride with not a single blister or hot spot! Amazing!!! Thanks so much!”
-Stephanie Gaudreau

“I wanted to wait until after the 24 Hours of Adrenaline Canmore event this weekend to comment. It was my 3rd event using the Okole. The Okole worked perfect at Canmore. I didn’t worry about butt chaffing at all. 23 hours and 20 minutes in and out of the saddle and not one concern about chaffing. It is nice to know that your product eliminates that problem. I also did the Cascade Creampuff (100 mile event) and no problems. That was a 14 hour day for me. Yeah o.k. I’m pretty slow… but old.So I am giving your product rave reviews and will place another order for next year’s events.”
-Dennis Smaggus

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