Cover your own arse and avoid skin irritation with Okole Stuff. Okole remains on the surface of your skin to prevent chafing instead of being absorbed. This petroleum-based chamois ointment has lanolin, aloe, tea tree oil, allantoin, plus parrafin and microcrystalline wax added to sooth your bum for hours in the saddle. Okole Stuff has a light scent and feels soft on the skin with a mild tingling sensation that’s not overbearing. Each 6oz. jar retails for $20 and is rightly named; Okole (oh koh lay) is Hawaiian for the gluteus maximum region. Made in U.S.A.

Dirt Rag Magazine, October 2009

So what makes it different? Well,for one, I certainly wouldn’t call it a chamois “cream” since it’s as this as Adam Lamberts hair gel, and about as greasy.

I know, unless you’re a teeny bopper, you’re thinking “eeeewwww.” But, before you tune this out and purge it from your purchase considerations, know this: It’s supposed to be thick and greasy. Pua designed it so it intentionally wouldn’t soak into the skin and vanish after a couple of hours in the saddle. She is a world-class ultra endurance solo racer, after all, and she wanted something that would last the duration of an event.

Without writing a mini-review before our real review, I’ll say this much, the stuff definitely lasts for a long time. If you’re headed to Sea Otter, try it for yourself., April 2009

Okole Stuff – Okole is the Hawaiian word for butt and this stuff is also one of my favorites. It truly is a hard choice between the Dermalon and Okole Stuff, but the nice smell of the Tea Tree oil in the “Stuff” wins my heart every time. Made by a Professional Mountain Bike Racer and very good friend of mine, Okole Stuff is meant to work and be reliable for the long haul., Sep 2008

Boy I tell you what, this stuff is great! Not only does it make your butt area nice and comfy, but it leaves your parts in the same
condition it was before you rode.

The only problem I had with it… well it is Petroleum Jelly, so washing this stuff of my fingers made it hard. But that’s nothing a bit of warm water and soap can take care of. If anything, just use a paper towel to apply it.

I’ve used regular lotions and even Utter Butter as well as Butt Butr, but none of those really compare to how well Okole Stuff works. Heck, I even use it on my feet before putting on my socks when I ride or go to work., May 2009