Okole Stuff & Lehe Stuff sale!

Okole Stuff – Now only $22 w/shipping
Buy 3 Jars and get even more off – 3 Jars only $55.00 w/shipping

New! Okole Stuff 2oz Jars – $9.00 w/shipping

Okole Stuff 4 application tins – 3 Tins only $9.00 w/shipping

Caffeinated Lip Balm
Lehe Stuff regular price with is $3.75 each – Intro price is $9.00 for 3 pack w/shipping

Okole Stuff & Lehe Stuff are being shipped to cycling retailers all around our country, if your store does not carry it, tell them you want some stuff for your
Okole or Lehe!

Okole Stuff single jar $22.00
Okole Stuff 3-pak $55.00
Okole Stuff 2oz single jar $9.00
3 – Okole Stuff 4 application tins $9.00
Lehe Stuff 3-pak $9.00

Prices for Continental US residents only.
***Outside the USA please contact us for extra shipping charges.***


If you own a store and you need a wholesaler, ask for Okole Stuff & Lehe Stuff at your favorite distributor.

Spain: Bici bike
Germany: Myborg products
Switzerland: Velok

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please email us.